Have hope, chase joy, embrace life – recovery is possible.

Self-Love Sundays

One of the things i have realised this year, is just how important it is for me to take time out, just for me, & to engage in self-nourishing behaviours. This could be nourishing my body with a delicious meal, nourishing my mind with a good book, or nourishing my soul with a day at the beach or the park. Sometimes it’s about saying no to others when i need some time out. Sometimes it’s about saying yes to an exciting opportunity or to socialising with friends. It’s about recognising what i want & need, & allowing myself to have that.

As someone struggling with an eating disorder, it was easy for me to deny my own wants & needs – i was a pro. But when it came to acknowledging & supporting my needs……well, it was challenging to say the least. So i decided to start off small, with one self-loving act every week.

It was that idea, which saw me launch Self-Love Sundays via Facebook, earlier this year.

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”
~ Buddha

Self-Love Sundays was created as a way to promote this idea, by encouraging people to engage in one self-nourishing activity each Sunday.

The activity you choose should be something that nourishes YOUR soul, something that you do because it makes YOU feel good.

And for these reasons, each person’s activities will be unique to them – after all, we all find pleasure in different areas.

Perhaps you will choose to get a massage. Maybe you will spend some time reading a chapter from your favourite book. You might decide to see a movie, or go for a walk. Or you might like to spend some time volunteering or helping out a friend.

The only rule is, that whatever you do, you do it for yourself, because it makes YOU feel good.

And remember – self-love isn’t just for Sundays! 😉

So here is a little something for you to consider this Self-Love Sunday:

Did you know that happiness & self-love are things you can create?

By practising happiness, you help your brain to form new connections between neurons, which increases your tendency to feel happy.
Practising self-love is the same.

What can you do today to practise happiness & self-love?



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