Have hope, chase joy, embrace life – recovery is possible.

Crank Up The Positivity

Around the time of my eating disorder diagnosis, when i was deeply entrenched in my illness, my days (& nights) were filled with a constant torment from my eating disorder voice. This “voice” (which i later came to refer to as “neg”) is something that i would love to discuss more in the future, but for now, check out the video below from the lovely ladies at BodyMatters Australasia, for a fabulous introduction to the “eating disorder voice”.

Sometimes i still hear neg.
Most of the time it’s just negative chatter – nothing like the screaming torment i endured when i was still so entrenched in my disorder – but his negativity is still unwanted, & often frustrating.
Frustrating, because while i now very rarely buy into them, neg’s criticisms still, on occasion, play quietly in the back of my mind – a record of negativity, stuck on repeat.

One of the simplest ways that i have found to deal with this, is to drown out neg’s record of negativity, with one of positivity…
Enter lifeinfullcolour’s ‘Recovery’ playlist! 🙂

My ‘Recovery’ playlist, is a collection of songs that counter neg’s criticism. Some of the songs are “fighting” songs – songs that help me to feel empowered – some remind me of my beauty & my strength, & others simply make me happy 🙂
When i am sick of listening to neg’s record, i pull out my iPod, put my earphones in, & crank up the volume on my ‘Recovery’ record instead. Sometimes you might catch me singing or dancing along, but everytime you will see me smiling 🙂

This is not a complete list of songs from my playlist, but i hope you will find a small taste of positivity in their lyrics & tunes 🙂

Other artists on my list, range from Alanis Morissette to the Travelling Wilburys!

Do you have a ‘Recovery’ playlist? Are there any songs that help you to feel more empowered, recognise your beauty, or feel more positive?


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