Have hope, chase joy, embrace life – recovery is possible.

Supporting Sofia

“Sofia Benbahmed is engaged in two battles: 1 with an eating disorder, 1 with an insurance company. You have the power to help her win both.”

Last year Sofia Benbahmed entered residential treatment, so she could work on recovering from a 12 year battle with an eating disorder. But entering treatment was a battle in itself – Sofia’s insurance company would not agree to fund the months of treatment advised by the eating disorder specialists that had reviewed her case. But Sofia wants to recover, & decided to undertake a legal battle with her insurance company with the hope that they would agree to fund her care. But legal battles such as these take time, & with a severe eating disorder ravaging her body & mind, time was not something Sofia had a lot of.

So last year Sofia made the brave move of announcing to the world that she had an eating disorder – & that she needed their help.

With the help of friends, family, & many kind-hearted strangers from across the world, Sofia was able to raise the funds to enter residential treatment at eating disorders treatment facility, Monte Nido. As well as engaging in treatment, Sofia has also remained engaged in the battle with her insurance company, & her case is ongoing. With raised funds now running low, & an insurance company still refusing to fund her treatment, Sofia faces the potential of having to leave treatment prematurely, against her treating team’s recommendations for further care.

In her post ‘The Half-Baked Cake’, Carrie Arnold from ED Bites recalls a statement made by the clinical director of the Renfrew Center (for the treatment of eating disorders) in Bethesda:

Normally, you look in a cookbook for how long to bake a cake, and the recipe says to bake at 350 degrees for an hour. Managed care operates under the premises that you can make the cake at 500 degrees for 20 minutes and still have a finished cake. The irony is that often the cake looks done on the outside, but the inside is still completely raw. And if you let the cake sit for any length of time, the uncooked interior causes the whole cake to collapse.

After receiving less than half of the care her doctors recommend, Sophia is now faced with her own “Half-Baked Cake” scenario, & is again appealing for our help.

(Image via: We ♥ it.)

Why should you help Sofia?

Because, she deserves to live. She deserves a lifeinfullcolour, free from the torturous grasp of an eating disorder. And she deserves the chance to fight for that. Yes, Sofia is one of many. No, she is not any more deserving of treatment than any of the other thousands of people struggling with this illness. But she is also no less deserving.

Having lived a dark & tortured life at the hands of my own eating disorder, i know the struggle that Sofia is now facing. But i also know that the fight is worth it – recovery IS possible 🙂

When i first heard of Sofia’s fight, not long before she entered treatment, i was unable to contribute financially to her treatment. I am thankful today however, to be in a position where i am able to make a financial contribution to support her in this fight. Here is the message i left for Sofia, along with my gift:

Darling Sofia,

I believe in you.
You have been in treatment for 3 months already, & i am so proud of you & your determination to keep fighting this illness. It is a long battle, but i have so much faith in you. I know that you can win this war. Of course you may lose a few battles along the way, but i know that you have the courage to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, & keep fighting. Don’t ever give up that fight Sofia, because you are worth fighting for. Keep hope in your heart beautiful girl & know that i hold that hope for you in my own.

Have hope, chase joy, embrace life – recovery IS possible 🙂

If you are able, please consider making a donation to support this woman in her continuing fight for recovery – every little bit helps. If you are unable to make a financial contribution, you can still support Sofia by helping to spread the word – please pass this information on to your friends, family, & colleagues, so they may choose to make a donation if they are able.

To make a donation, please visit Sofia’s new GiveForward page.

Your support & generosity is very much appreciated 🙂


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