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Hope & The Importance Of Recovery Stories

“Recovery is possible.”

I had heard that sentence so many times. But what did it mean?
What was recovery? What did it look like? What did it feel like? How do i get there?
These were all questions i asked myself during the early stages of my recovery.

At first i thought recovery meant stabilising my weight. Then i tried to define my recovery by my ability to follow a meal plan that met my nutritional needs. Yet, even after achieving these things, i still felt lost & confused – i still didn’t feel recovered. And the truth is, 3 years down the track, i still don’t. Recovery is an ongoing process, & there is so much more to it than following a meal plan & stabilising your weight.

I think what made things so confusing for me during that time, was not having any answers to those questions – not knowing what recovery really looked like or how to get there. There were so many stories about what it was like to be sick, so many stories of what it was like to struggle, but i didn’t need to read them – i knew those stories already. I was living them. What i really wanted, was to hear stories of recovery – i wanted answers, i wanted guidance, & i wanted proof; “Recovery is possible.”

It’s hard to have hope, when you can’t see much to hope for. It’s hard to believe that things can change, when the only stories you hear are just echoes of the same familiar struggle.

But i am here to tell you a different story. I am here to tell you that you CAN, absolutely recover. I am here to tell you that recovery is hard, & incredibly exhausting sometimes, but that it also filled with such incredible growth & awareness, fun, laughter, & immeasurable beauty.

“Recovery is possible.” This is one of my deepest, most heart-felt beliefs. And i believe that it is possible for every single person out there – for anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder, for anyone caught up in diet cycle, for anyone experiencing a negative body image, for men, women, & children. I believe that recovery is possible for you.

If you are still navigating your path to recovery, you don’t have to do it alone. If you haven’t already, i really encourage you to connect with A Voice In Recovery, where you can surround yourself with the support of others as they share their own stories of a life in recovery. And remember – you too have a story to tell. Don’t ever be afraid to speak your truth 🙂