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You Are Amazing! YOU are GREAT!

[Image via: SooBoo Designs]

Sometimes, all we need is a little validation to remind us how amazing we are 🙂
And so, i have a challenge for you 😉

I want you, to make someone smile.
I want you to give someone a genuine, heart-felt compliment.

It could be your partner. It could be your child.
It could be your co-worker, your friend, or your neighbour.
It could be the person who makes your morning coffee, or the person you sit next to on the bus.
Or it could even be the first person you pass in the street.

Whoever it is, i can guarantee that you will make their day 🙂
And you never know, you might find yourself on the receiving end of some pretty great compliments too! 🙂

Did you make someone smile today?
Leave me a comment & let me know – i’d love to hear how it went! 🙂